Before you email me about lift prices, snow conditions, lodging, etc... first realize that:

  • I don't represent any ski area
  • I don't know what trails are open or current weather conditions.
  • I can't provide other information other than what is on these pages.
  • This is a database of ski area and ski services, lodging and dining information.
  • This is a free service to skiers. The information is compiled from data I inherited.
  • Some of the information is old and out of date.
  • If you would like to volunteer to help me keep the information current, email me at Because the database has information about skiing throughout all of the United States, it is impossible for one person to keep everything current. I am able to keep info on Colorado current, because that is where I live. Other states are very hard for me to do.

    With all this said and done you can email me at but I might not reply because in most cases I don't know the answer.

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