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Current Version of PREDICTPlus 2000
Version 1.3 (3/25/02), New - Regression system and 8 new Temperature Correlation Equations
What is the cost of a Program Update? Free to PREDICTPlus 2000 Users. $199 to PREDICT 2000 or PREDICT DOS users
Current version of the Database Currently it is the same as the Program. Future versions of the Program will enable you to read the DB version number as well. It is expected that new versions of the System Database might be released between Program versions. When this occurs, you will be alerted to a new database here.
Where do you find out the version you have?
In the "Help ..." "About" Screen
Current version of the User Manual, or Printable Help File The current version of the User Manual is the same as the Program, Version 1.03 and is available here for immediate download. This may not always be the case, so check here after you've updated or recently purchased.

Adobe Ac robat Version of PREDICTPlus 2000 (Current version)On-Line Help (2479K Bytes)

How do I order an Update? PREDICTPlus 2000 users should use the Update Order Form. Predict 2000 and Predict DOS users should use the Standard Order Form and indicate their serial number.

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