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Experience the full features of PREDICTPlus 2000 for MS Windows for two weeks.

Simply download the demonstration software (its the full PREDICTPlus 2000) and register. Upon registering you will be emailed a two week trial license. Simply unzip the demonstration software downloaded below, copy the license file emailed to you from Dragon Technology and you are ready to evaluate the complete PREDICTPlus 2000 for two weeks.

Download the Trial Version Trial (Demonstration) for PREDICTPlus 2000 (Winzip file 10.2MB)

(Unzip the downloaded file. Install using the setup.exe. Order the license file below. A license file (Predict.lic) file will be e-mailed to you. Copy the "lic" file to the directory containing the PREDICT.exe file and you're ready to experience all of the features of PREDICTPlus 2000 for 2 week. Order the full version below.)

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