Brief Tour of PREDICTPlus 2000

Upon starting PREDICTPlus 2000 you will see the following,

There is an extensive Help system that is well organized with a quick reference to each function as well as considerable in-depth instructions and reference material.

There are 1300 compounds in the System database. These can be retrieved by various methods. Nineteen different properties can be calculated by over 75 methods.

Before properties can be calculated (notice the Calculate option button is grayed) you must Search and Load an existing compound or Add a new compound. These selections can be made from the option buttons or from the standard MS Windows menu near the top.

Another function available from the main screen is setting the global in and out Units. Units can also be changed at each calculation or input point.

After searching and loading a compound or after adding a new compound, you are ready to calculate properties. Pressing the Calculate button (now highlighted after a compound has been added or loaded) will display both a Point Properties screen Temperature Correlated Properties. Which properties are to be calculated, whether or not the results are printed, saved to the database or copied to the MS Windows Clipboard are controlled from these screens. Please note that the Windows Menu Bar duplicates the Buttons on the screen.

Also notice that the compound's name and empirical formula is displayed.

Summary of Features

Search for, Loading Compounds and displaying properties from the Database

Add a New Compound with Properties to the Database

Setting the Global and Specific Units

Calculation and Manipulation of Point Properties

Temperature Correlated Properties